STA Swing Amplifier Weight Set

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How It Works The Swing Amplifier Is The Perfect Weight Resistance With Actual Stroke Exercises To Further Enhance Your Tennis Techniques To Quickly Form The Muscle Memory Needed For The Perfect Swing, While Increasing Strength Of Every Muscle Needed In The Kinetic Power Chain. Improve The Quality And Stability Of Every Swing!

The Swing Amplifier Can Not Only Improve Swing Exercises But It Also Gives You Better Understanding Of The Essential Techniques Of Each Shot, While Also Improving On Power Endurance For A More Practical Effect! Train Your Mind And Body For Excellent Form/Technique. For Less Than The Cost Of 1 Private Lesson

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This Is Great For Tennis Specific Training/On Court Tennis Training!

  • Will Improve Warm ups, Can Also Help Athletes Rehab Injuries Such As Tennis Elbow.
  • Excellent For Strength, Racquet Speed And Endurance
  • Great For Forehands, Backhands, Volleys And Serves
  • Suitable For All Levels Of Athletes
  • An Awesome Way For Athletes To Make Improvements And Enhance Athletic Ability. Anytime, Anywhere 
  • Package: 1 Pair = 1pc Blue 240g/8oz + 1pc Black 160g/5oz

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  • Swing Amplifier Function 1: Warm up

The use of weight/resistance to practice swings before the start of practice or match can help ignite and excite your central nervous system, warm up the muscles and joints, and lessen the likelihood of injuries. Removing the weight you'll feel your true power ignited, which gives you an advantage physically and psychologically.

  • Swing Amplifier Function 2: Forehand and Backhand 

When the backward/forehand pull is completed, the racquet head will naturally descend under the gravity of the weighted bag to form a swing trajectory from bottom to top, creating a topspin effect

  • Swing Amplifier Function 3: The Serve

Serving practice 1. Practice of lowering the racquet head. Do the swing practice of serving the ball. When the trophy action is completed, turn the forearm holding the clap hand downwards. The gravity effect of the weight will make the racquet fall more. Keep this action for 1 minute. Then repeat this movement of lowering the racket head

Serve practice 2. Upward swing and arm valgus practice (pronation)

After completing the movement of lowering the racquet head, swing the elbow toward the target hitting point, and at the same time stretch the hitting arm straight, and turn the body while pushing the ground. Relax your wrists and a heavier head will help complete the pronation movement

  • Swing Amplifier Function 4: Swing Speed/ Racquet Head Speed.

Pay attention to keeping fully relaxed during the initiation and follow-through phases. Only when the racquet passes through the hitting area, the muscles are maintained to tighten and exert force instantly, thereby strengthening the control of the racquet surface and the hitting. When practicing, turn your body fully and shift your body's center of gravity to the hitting point. For full execution

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