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šŸ˜”Are You Lacking The Strength To Compete At Your Best On The Court???

šŸ˜•Are Struggling To Find A Training ProgramĀ That Works For You????

šŸ˜·Now You Can Eliminate All Your Struggles And DominateĀ Ā 

šŸ’ŖThe Functional Strength Formula IsĀ Guaranteed To Improve Your StrengthĀ Ā 

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Who Should Buy


  • šŸŽ¾Who Is The STA Functional Strength Formula ForšŸŽ¾

    • (JUNIORS)Ā The Formula is excellent for anyone over the age of twelve as this is the time you want to set the foundations of top tennis fitness for life.
    • (AMATEURS)The Formula is excellent for players of any standard looking to improve everything about their on court performance, speed, power, strength, and agility.
    • (SENIORS)Ā The Formula is excellent if you're a bit older but you still have the burning desire to compete/challenge every point, continue to play to your full potential.Ā 

Ā šŸ’ŖThe Benefits OF The STA Functional Strength FormulašŸ’Ŗ

  • IMPROVEĀ Strength And Power
  • IMPROVEĀ Balance And Core Stability
  • IMPROVEĀ Muscle Endurance
  • GAINĀ Lean And Functional Muscle
  • GAINĀ The Competitive Advantage
  • ENHANCEĀ Athletic Ability

šŸ…The STA Functional Strength FormulašŸ…

  • 3 Training Sessions A Week
  • Dynamic Warm-up And Cool Down Method
  • Pre/Post Recovery Method
  • Injury Prevention/Reduction
  • Detailed Video Of Each Exercise
  • Bonus Active Recovery Session
  • Bonus 5th Week (No Extra Charge)

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Supreme Tennis Athletes Functional Strength Formula is suitable for all fitness types. The program is 4-weeks there is an modification for each exercise so you do exactly what you can and improve each week.

How young and old can you be to start the program?

Ā  Studies have supported that strength training does NO damage to the epiphyseal plates, there is this myth that young tennis athletes shouldn't strength train because there growth will be stunted. Studies have also shown that a good strength program can enhance ability in young athletes as young as 12ā€¦ Itā€™s more about form and safety. Also its never too late to start a strength program... Seniors have benefited greatly from strength training, keep in mind workouts can be altered to match your current level of fitness.

I'm new to tennis, will this help me?Ā 

Absolutely, the program is easy to follow and will give you the perfect fitness base to enjoy the game and have power and strength be competitive on the court.

What makesĀ Supreme Tennis Athletes Functional Strength FormulaĀ  Ā different from other strength training programs?

Most training programs today are based on board basic dated training principles,Ā Supreme Tennis Athletes Functional Strength Formula is designed specifically for you the tennis athlete. Helping you develop functional strength to perform at your best on the court. Become Supreme



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  • IMPROVE Strength And Power
  • IMPROVE Balance And Core Stability
  • IMPROVE Muscle Endurance
  • GAIN Lean And Functional Muscle
  • GAIN The Competitive Advantage
  • ENHANCE Athletic Ability
  • Video Demonstration For Each Exercise


This 4-week program is designed for maximum results in a short period of time, it coincides with a tennis athleteā€™s schedule no matter the level or hours per week on court training but to achieve the best possible results, youā€™ll have to follow the program as written. There will be days you might need to modify certain exercises or reps, all in all please follow the program as written. Itā€™s only going to beneļ¬t you the individual. The ļ¬rst week or so might be diļ¬ƒcult due to new training regiment. You will be sore, but you must continue with the routine, as well as your on-court training. Your body is just adapting to the new changes as you are building work capacity which is vital in creating long term success in the sport of tennis.



The workouts also include plenty of core work the base of every movement is core stability


The Functional Strength Formula requires 2-3 training sessions a week, each workout should take 45 minutes to an hour depending on circumstance.


Improve Your Strength, Speed, Power, Agility & Endurance.

How Will This Plan Make Me A Better Tennis Player?

The workouts complement each other, developing functional strength, power and speed, as well as reducing the likelihood of common tennis injuries.

Functional Strength And Speed For Tennis

This program will target major lower and upper body muscles, including the secondary body parts such as the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, back and shoulders. Youā€™ll develop Fast-twitch ļ¬bers produce quick, max-eļ¬€ort contractions that are needed for strong play and other speed/quick movements on the court.

Injury Prevention And Recovery

Each workout starts and ļ¬nishes with Prehab/Posthab exercises designed to help your muscles strengthen and recover lessening the likelihood of injuries. Even if you become one of the best tennis athletes around, it wonā€™t do you much good if youā€™re injured.

"STA FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FORMULA did exactly what it said it does. Got me stronger, faster and better"

Neil D.

"I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Thanks for the great training program. Thanks for the great service. I'd be lost without STA FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FORMULA."

Tamiko T.

"STA FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH FORMULA is worth much more than I paid. I am completely blown away by the results its an incredible program and easy to follow."

Catlin Y.